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Date: 2015-1-23 11:27:54

Efoncable has built its reputation as a leading supplier of high integrity optical communication products assemblies by sourcing only the highest quality products as well as being committed to our customers' needs.

Customized solutions for all needs and specifications are available in Fiberstore, and about 80% of products on our website can be customized. We can work with your preexisting designs as an outsourced manufacturing partner or assist you in rapidly achieving tailored answers for demanding optical fiber communication products. Let's start your Custom Project with Fiberstore.

Efoncable provides optical and electronic engineering services. We welcome any inquiry for customized optical and electronic solutions for optical communication industry. Our primary corporate capabilities include software engineering, systems engineering, network engineering, systems support, program management, and information assurance engineering and analysis. We have built strong industrial relationships based on our ability to provide high quality engineering services, and our striving to be a fair and responsible partner.

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