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Fiber Optic Splicing
Fiber optic fusion splicer is a device that uses an electric arc to melt two optical fibers together at their end faces, to form a single long fiber. The resulting joint, or fusion splice, permanently joins the two glass fibers end to end, so that optical light signals can pass from one fiber into the other with very little loss.
Mechanical splices are alignment fixtures that hold the ends of two fibers together with some index matching gel or glue between them. There are a number of types of mechanical splices, like little glass tubes or V-shaped metal clamps. The tools to make mechanical splices are cheap, but the splices themselves are more expensive. Many mechanical splices are used for restoration, but they can work well with both singlemode and multimode fiber, with practice - and using a quality cleaver such as those used for fusion splicing.
Fiber Optics Splicing is becoming a more and more common skill requirement for cabling technicians. Fiber-optic cables might have to be spliced together for a number of reasons—for example, to create a link of a particular length, or to repair a broken cable or connection.
Splicing is the practice of joining two fibers together without using fiber connectors. Two types of fiber splices exist: fusion splicing and mechanical splicing. Splicing may be made during installation or repair.
Optical fiber fusion splicing is a welded joint formed between two optical fibers. Fusion splicing is a permanent, low-loss, high-strength joint in contrast to other temporary joint such as a mechanical splice. Optical fiber fusion splices play a vital role within the fiber optic network.
Daily maintenance and testing of fiber 1. Daily maintenance of the fiber is very important, it is to ensure the safety of the fiber, stable and reliable operation of the fundamental guarantee; etc...
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